• Nutrition

Nutritional therapy is holistic; it takes into account the
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of
the whole person when assessing health problems.
In other words, the lifestyle of a person is examined,
not just diet, and each person is treated as an individual
who has unique dietary and nutritional requirements.

Nutritional therapy recognises disease as a powerful and
positive opportunity for change and development. Rather
than treating areas or symptoms in isolation, it treats the
whole person, restoring a state of balance and clarity, so
that the body may then heal itself. It is about empowering
people to take control of their own health, enabling them
to feel what is going on and to respond accordingly. It
provides the tools, knowledge and inspiration to support,
rather than suppress, the body's own healing methods.

Charlotte holds a Nutritional Advisor Diploma from the
Natural Healthcare College and is able to educate with
dietary advice to help you to achieve optimal health. The
majority of our modern diseases are the result of
inappropriate diet and lifestyle - two factors that will be
discussed fully with you at your appointment.

Contact us if you would like to book a nutrition consultation.

Let food be thy medicine
and medicine be thy food

Hippocrates 460 - 377BC